What causes Men Infertility? How to Treat Male Infertility

Male infertility is any health issue in men that lowers the chances of becoming a father.

How do you know if your partner has a problem?

Look for the symptoms:

  1. Swelling and Pain down there.
  2. Low sex desire.
  3. Trouble getting an erection.
  4. Retrograde ejaculation, this is a medical condition where the semen instead of coming out during ejaculation enters the bladder the reason behind this could be a prostate surgery or side effects of any particular medicine.
  5. Low sperm count what causes fertility issues in men lifestyle habits like poor nutrition, drugs, smoking, undescended testicles aging, varicocele hormonal disorders, vasectomy low sperm count or poor sperm motility.

What is the normal range of healthy sperm?

The amount of sperm per milliliter of ejaculation should be around 20 million and the amount of semen produced in each ejaculation should be around 2 million. The percentage of sperm considered viable or alive per ejaculation should be about 75 the percentage of living sperm within that 75 percent with normal shape and size should be around 30 the percentage of sperm moving forward out of the 30 of normal shape and size should be around 25.

If your problem is due to poor sperm health follow these health tips for better results.

No Smoking! Smoking tobacco also decreases oxygen supply to the body with a decrease of oxygen comes a lack of nutrients traveling to the testicles.

Eat right! The superfoods for sperm health are spinach, eggs, dark chocolate, asparagus, broccoli, walnuts, garlic, pumpkin seeds, bananas and foods rich in zinc.

Keep your electronics off your lap. Keeping the laptop off your lap or a cell a little away from your band pockets can bring a lot of difference to your sperm health.

Cut down on alcohol. Alcohol reduces sperm production and causes sperm abnormalities. If you can't avoid it totally, cut down on the intake.

Reduce caffeine intake too much. Caffeine lowers sperm count and concentration and caffeine doesn't mean just coffee. Sodas, tea, energy drinks and chocolate also contain caffeine.

Burn your fat obesity can play a real culprit in case of male infertility so exercise more burn those fats and achieve a healthy weight.

Avoid chemical in plastics exposure to pesticides and toxins from plastic cookware may be a factor of male infertility. Choose organic produce and make sure to warm your food up in glass or ceramic dishes rather than Tupperware or other plastic containers.

Dealing with male infertility without medical help can be tough at times but pristine care is there to help you manage your problems with ease and get the best proven results pristine care's top surgical and disease specialists and dietitians all work together to provide you with the best care possible to treat infertility issues that you suffer from.